Zeitgeist Shamefully Debunked Once and For All

This may be too real for some.
Yahuwah is not trying to Scare the Hell out of You, Yahushua is loving you into the Kingdom of Heaven
His Real Name is Yahuwah ~TheMoringaQueenCom

His Real Name is Yahushua Video: #2

Zeitgeist Shamefully Debunked Once and For All VIDEO:

Hell_ You’ve Got it All Wrong! VIDEO:

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Yahushua is the true name of the Messiah PROOF:

LuniSolar Calender of Truth, Most Accurate Precise Measurement of Time ever: READ MORE ABOUT THE HOLY CALENDER:

Yahuwah isn’t trying to scare you into hell and damnation; Yahushua is trying to love you into Heaven.
~E.G. Plott~

Eric PlottL
Either serve in Heaven or be burned up in hell (into ashes after seventh trumpet and not intended for eternity. )
Yahushua be with this person and heal them in the name of Yahuwah.


I would love to start a new religion. Plain and simple; No buildings and no authority or eldership or bishops etc. We all meet on our mountain top. And the entire time , we take turns, simply reading entire books out of our holy Bible (King James version only ) and call him by his real name which is Yahushua (Jesus Christ) and Yahuwah (Father God the creator of all known as Yahweh or adoshem Elohim )

Instead of taking loans from banks or building a building. We just purchase a descent plot of land in the mountains near the springs or river.

It’s simple we just follow every single word of Yashushua and his living word from the King James Version Bible only. And we research actual history of the 1611 King James Bible and even versions prior from Greek and Vatican versions (Watch youtube video “Battle of the Bible’s Plott Palm Trees)

Nothing is about money, in fact no tithe plate is present. You can of course donate things to the land and help pay the lands due off. We would teach the children how to read publicly the Bible and teach them how to tend the land and grow off the soil and seeds that are heirloom. Our direction or mission would be “No Compromise”

We really, are really about helping the people. Need your bills paid, with any donations available and tithes made cheerfully in secret as a charity, with yashuah and Holy Spirit guidance, if you needed money to do so our “church ” would do it.

This is The first religion that has no regards for religion.

We would say call it the “Bride of Yahuwah and his son Yashushua”

There would absolutely never be a building. All services are available on the solar Lumia calendar which is always 4 weeks and starts on the 1 day (Saturday) and goes a week and day of rest on 7th day and 8th day would start it back. This is the most biblically accurate and actually the most precise measurement of dates and time (research how we use the Beast calendar of darkness and we shouldnt be) We go off the Vatican deceptive version called the Lunar or Solar calendar. Both are one in the same and always screwed up. We should live according to Gods time which is the Solar Lunar calendar.

We then would know the accurate days of rest. When he says labor for six days in the weeks, he means tending the land and living off your harvest and produce. You aren’t suppose be a slave to darkness with 9-5 jobs and paying taxes to church’s or governments. This only proves we are enslaved. God meant labors in your land.

Which land used to mean HAPPINESS. This country’s slogan was, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness”; well it used to read “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of LAND”.

God knew for man to be happy, he would need to be free for enjoyment of real freedom. This can only incur when you aren’t enslaved by the land but rather own your own land. That was true happiness and still is.

Being apart of this church would never cost you anything. We strictly only live according every single living word that Yahushua said in the New Testament.

We fear nothing and no man and beast. We are one with him and at peace this gives us our fruits of the spirit in plenty abundance. He will bless us and we don’t use currency or money to fulfill this message. We only live by charity and this is love.

You all would live to your own harvest; whatever you put in, you would get out and you could even secretly give to other who didn’t have this organic produce.


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