You Must Avoid Get-Rich Quick Programs Online

There is no shortcut to success. The fact is this: whatever that is what having is what working for. I can proudly say that 95% make money programs online are get rich-quick missions. They’re are not as real as promised. Make thousands online can be said with mouth or on a package, but the reality is far-fetched. All these online home businesses is gradually frustrating ready internet users from really making money online.Ok, lets I forget; there are legitimate and proven ways to actually make a living online. However, such programs are not advertised on Google as people think. The real websites that highly rewards are quiet, simple and yet smart. Some of their programs could be made available to you through a member or through word of mouth.

Do not fall into the trap of believing everything online. If they have actually made the kind of money they promised you, then why must they charge you so much to get their package. Focus is everything. If you are eager to make money online rather than discovering your own niche, you might fall into their trap. One sound key for making cool dollars online is to BUILD A BUSINESS AND NOT A MONEY MAKER. If you see the internet as a money maker rather than a business, then patience and focus will be gone. Why? it’s because your mind and eyes is fixed on the millions one internet marketer has promised. But by seeing the internet as a business, you would be ready to go the extra mile like focusing on your niche, putting extra time within the week and website promotion. Your niche is anything you love doing. Something that literally flows from your spirit. This is your potential for success. So many of us have niche in swimming, writing, business setup, pets, how to cook nice meals, caring for kids, motivation, investing, singing, poetry, information marketing, creativity, crafts e.t.c. And peoples problem can fall into any of those niche. This is where you profit from. I would suggest you focus on building a few niche at a time. This is crucial.

Have you discovered your niche? Then what next?


The way you present yourself is the way you will be seen. You have got to present your niche in such a way that you can be recommended. Google has a powerful niche on search engine. They have so much packaged themselves and that is why people are looking up to them all over the world. They started from somewhere. I believe that if Google had subscribed to get rich-quick programs, their niche wouldn’t have been actualized.

Your own niche might not be to software integration like Google or Yahoo. I chose to motivate people because it flows from me freely. That is my niche. Yours might not be motivation. But whatever it is, package your knowledge well. Do not neglect your least idea because it can become a goldmine on the internet tomorrow. For newbies online, I would recommend that you package your idea/niche on electronic formats called e-books. There are other formats also example is: MP3s, CDs, Videos e.t.c. But the e-book format is more prominent for a new internet marketer. Just write your ebooks and convert to a pdf file using adobe acrobat. If you do this, you have actually succeeded in creating a product on the internet. The real truth is that: your niche is a solution to someone elsewhere. Find them, deliver your product and make your money.


So many internet newbies have become frustrated on their marketing because, they have no proper promotion. If you miss this step, I wonder if you would make any money online. You also have to be extra careful here because there are get-traffic fast programs everywhere. This has happened to me several times. While in my first 2 years online, I ordered for 5000 unique visitors to my website which I never got. I still remember the company but I won’t mention them here in order not to violate this site’s policy.

But why are my revealing all these?

To guide you through setting up a profitable online business

To educate the world on the dangers of get-rich quick programs

To reveal that the internet is filled with income opportunities

To assist you in creating your first product online based on your niche

To give you peace of mind online

To also advice you to build a business and not a money maker. Both are quite different.

Having known my reasons, let me now introduce to you the simplest and effective way to get massive traffic everyday. They are so simple and that is the problem. People neglect them.

Lets begin:


These has been a major strategy that I have been using to lure visitors to my website everyday. We have good and functional forums online today like MySpace, Facebook, hi5 e.t.c. These websites have uncountable members and that is the good thing about them. If you could be active on any of the above forums, help people to solve their practical problems on various topics but mostly on your niche; then they will consider you an expert. Always obey the forum policy because this will help you on the long-run. Comment on other member’s posts, rate them well. But never forget to put your website link at the bottom of your posts. Also, when you open a new thread of post, put your website link below the post. Don’t worry, there is every tendency that other members would like to pay you a visit. This is great. I have never spent my money on pay per click other paid advertising. But I am very active on MySpace and cebook discussion boards.


Earlier on I told you that these traffic generation method have been neglected maybe because they were free, but trust me, they are more effective than even paid advertising. If you have a free yahoo email address, then you are one step away to driving free traffic to your website. And before I continue, this very method is very unique. The people who use yahoo answers have one thing in common, they all need solutions. Ordinary people who thinks they are perfect do not come there. So, there is every tendency that you can even market your information product to prospective questioners. For instance, I saw a question on yahoo answers from a Mexican woman. She asked “I have a lump on my right breast, how do I handle it now that I have a baby who is sucking on that same breast. I tell you the truth, this woman needs solution and if you have it, then she would be glad to buy your CD or eBook as the format may be. Ok, you are now on yahoo answers. Login with your email address. Search for questions that are related to what your website is all about and answer it perfectly. Then link back to your website. Believe me, millions of members will click on your link to have a feel of your website. And remember, yahoo is a famous website. Try it today.


I said free because you do not have to spend any money to place adverts on their websites. This strategy is highly effective. But the key here is that you should be a creative writer. Let your brief be unique and appealing. Post as many classified ads as possible on different geographical area and draw a massive traffic to your site everyday. There are good sites to advertise free. Kijiji and Kugli are wonderful sites. But while the former is based on United States alone, the later is global. You will now agree with me that you can even choose to get traffic only from one country or even the world Over.

Promoting your website wouldn’t have been easier if not for these secrets that I have used. Though they can take a little effort, but the result thereof is worth it. Start today and stick to them. Develop other ways. Avoid get-rich quick schemes. All that glitters is not gold. See you at the top.

Source by Michael Chimik

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