Why Diabetes is Bad For Sex

Diabetes is bad for sex because when it is poorly controlled it does not only bring sever complication to the normal functioning of the body, but it can have devastating effects on your sex life. The sex implications are dire if the situation is not arrested early. Vaginal dryness can be as a result of other factors but diabetes can immensely contribute to vaginal dryness. This brings a lot of discomfort for both partners during sexual intervention. Vaginal dryness can cause sexual interference to be painful, a situation called neuropathy. It can make you dread sexual encounters with your mate for fear of pain. Although it can be solved by an over the counter lubricant, check with your doctor in order to salvage your sex life.

The damage infected on nerve endings by diabetes greatly affect the genital area. The genital area gives the body the sexual gratification and when it is affected it implains clearly that diabetes is bad for sex. This can contribute to stress for both partners as the word sexual satisfaction becomes just an imagination or a fantasy. This is because the skin sensations around the genitalia lessen or disappear. This makes it quite difficult for a woman to attain orgasm. It also affects the man as he might think that his sexual act is wanting. It stresses him that he can not make his partner feel anything during sexual intervention. The woman feels the pressure to reach an orgasm but to no avail. It puts the couple in an awkward position. The situation can ring a death knell to a fulfilling sexual relationship in a couple.

Diabetes can change a man's sex life by causing erectile dysfunction. This is a death blow on a person's sex life as it means you can not attain the required inspection that can make it possible for sexual penetration. A flaccid or limp penis can not penetrate a woman whatever. It needs a hard and stiff penis to successfully penetrate a vagina during sexual intervention. However blood sugar levels interfer with the normal functioning of body mechanisms. Nerve signals are sent from the brain to the penis causing a blood rush to the penis. This fills the many blood crevices with blood causing the penis to stiffen. With the sunset of diabetes, it is always difficult for the body to accomplish such a natural function. Diabetes is bad for sex therefore a regular check up is recommended.

Diabetes which is poorly controlled can immensely reduce testosterone levels in a person. This is a male sexual hormone that is responsible for an agile sex drive. A drop or reduction in the level of this important hormone lowers a man's sex drive since the declaration that diabetes is bad for sex. A person may lose interest all together. Sex is a form of exercise for person suffering from diabetes can cause blood sugar levels to either go high or drop. Lack of an equilibrium and stability in blood sugar levels will always have far reaching consequences in a person's sex life. Diabetes may also come along with other illnesses. It makes both males and females to be susceptible to yeast infections. This occurs when blood sugar levels are not properly managed. A yeast infection causes pain during urination for men as well as pain during sex for both men and women.

Source by Francis K Githinji

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