When to Apply for a Home Owner Personal Loan

Sometimes it looks as though you just can not make ends meet on the amount that you make … maybe you have problems with debt, maybe you need to purchase a new vehicle for the household, or maybe you simply can not afford to take the vacation or do the home improvements that you want. Regardless of what you need the extra money for, the answer that you're seeking might just be a home owner personal loan.

A home owner personal loan is a way for an individual who owns real estate to put that real estate to work for them; the equity that is held in the house or other property can be used as collateral for a secured loan with competitive interest rates and a higher possible loan amount than many other loans that are available commercially.

If you think that a home owner personal loan might be the sort of thing that you're looking for to help you accomplish your goals, then the information below should help you decide whether or not you should apply for one of these loans.


Equity is calculated as the value of your house minus the amount remaining on your mortgage … the more you've paid the mortgage, then the more equity you have built up in your house. This equity can be used as collateral for a loan, with the upper limit of how much you can borrow being slightly less than the amount of equity that you have stored in your house. Determine how much equity you have, and then see whether or not it is enough to cover the amount that you're willing to borrow with your home owner personal loan.


Although an individual's credit score is generally a major consideration in loans, it is not as much of a concern when applying for a home owner personal loan. The reason for this is the higher value of the equity that you have stored in your home; it offsets the potential risk of issuing a loan to individuals with poor credit.


As with the credit rating of someone applying for a home owner personal loan, the interest rate that lenders charge for these loans tend to be somewhat lower than you might expect. Once again, it is large due to the high value of real estate and stored equity … though as with all interest rates there is also some influence at the local, national, and international economic levels.

Debt Consolidation

When using a home owner personal loan as a means of debt consolidation, it's often possible to repay all outstanding debts and replace them with the single payment for the equity loan. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who have poor credit, as it not only stops the outstanding debts from continuing to damage their credit score but it also allows positive reports to start being made as they make their payments on time.

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