What’s More Important For An Elected Official: Winning Or Serving Needs?

Just as the best quality, professional negotiators realize, the best results come from win – win negotiating, we need to elect public officials, who focus less on what they might consider, winning, and much more on serving the needs, goals, priorities, of constituents, in a relevant, sustainable way! Beware of any candidate, or so – called public servant who emphasizes, what he perceives as winning, Rather, this world and our society, are constantly, best – served, when one thinks more about what’s needed, and the best approach, and less on personal victory! Why does one seek immediate gratification, or short – term, perceived victory, are in the best interest of society? Wouldn’t you prefer a leader, who determines his strategic and action plan, based on achieving what needs getting done?

It all depends on one’s definition or perception of what winning is, and means. The real issue is whether someone is a winner or a loser. A true winner sees obstacles, creating challenges, while a loser considers many things, as problems, and let’s things control him, rather than vice versa.

Genuinely, meaningful, effective, timely leadership, is never about the perception of winning, but, rather, about quality accomplishments, and actual, action! An elected official risks dangerous, reckless, ill – conceived action, when the idea of h win, is more important than doing the right thing, even when it may not be expedient.

It’s far less important for someone to get his way, regardless of risk, or cost, than to proceed, n the best possible manner, to get results, which have he best make a change, for the better Bragging, bravado, and patting oneself on the back, are not the qualities, which are most desirable, in someone, supposed, serving constituents.

Fighting the “good fight,” but without the willingness to consider alternatives, and strive for a meeting of the minds, is often, the worst case scenario. Be a winner, but stop focusing on, merely, winning!

Source by Richard Brody

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