What you need to know about Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram and how to use #Hashtags

In this 1 hour webinar, Social Media and Digital Marketing evangelist, Warren Knight will share with you “What you need to know about Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram and how to use #Hashtags”


– How to use #HASHTAGS to grow your business
– The latest tools to help you SAVE time
– What’s the best platforms to drive TRAFFIC
– How to set up a 7 day CONTENT marketing strategy
– How to design a 90 day MARKETING plan
– Increase SALES by 586% by being consistent

How will learn the latest tips, tricks, tactics and strategy to help you understand and grow your business using social media and digital marketing, buty specifically we will be focusing on:

Has 1 Billion users, with 255m active on a daily basis
500m tweets sent per day
46% Tweet at least once a day

200M users
50M new users in the last month
23% teens say its their favourite network

70M users
80% female
23% login once a day

We will show you how to make the most of every minute you’re logged into each social network, by leveraging social channels for lead generation to increase sales for business growth.

* Grow your followers
* Lead generation
* Get sales
* Build brand advocates
* Define your business KPI’s

About the presenter:
Warren Knight
Speaker / Trainer / Growth Coach / Entrepreneur

For the last seven years he’s specialised in helping business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs sell more products and services, through the convergence of Social Media, Digital Marketing and eCommerce.
Winning various industry awards and co-founding two IT companies since 2010. An eCommerce platform, getting £150,000 Investment, valuing the business at £1M in less than two years. The second an online learning platform, having received “Start-up Loan” funding.

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