What other services does Bellinson Law offer?

Q: There are other services that you offer at the Bankruptcy Law Clinic. Can you go into a little more detail about that?

Andrew Bellinson: What we do is we do a couple of things. Firstly, when somebody comes into the office, we analyze what they did. Not everybody who said needs a bankruptcy. or they won’t fit to bankruptcy. So we have other options for them. We can help them negotiate their debts, which basically means lower the debts. They owe $20,000 to a creditor, we want to work towards getting them down to zero. So somewhere in between $20,000 and zero, the creditor would probably be willing to settle.We help them do that.

We also do foreclosure defense. And that is basically forcing the mortgage company to do their work properly. We’re gonna make sure their paperwork is filed directly. We’re gonna make sure that initiating loans were done correctly. We’re going to allow you, as much time as possible, to solve this problem. Often, it’s pushing the foreclosing mortgage company back, so you can modify your loan. And that often is the best solution. It’s just about us being there to guide you through the process.

Q: How long does it take to actually get an appointment with you?

Andrew: We usually set up appointments definitely within the same week. Sometimes within the same day if there are many cancellations or schedule, we will let you know. You can come right in. Generally speaking, that’s probably a couple of days. That works well for our clients because they want to put together their paperwork. Bring in a couple of pay stubs. Bring in an tax return. That’s where you get started.

Q: What counties in South Florida do you service?

Andrew: Generally, we do most of our work in Miami-Dade and in Broward County. We also go up to Palm Beach County. Not every day because it’s kind of far from here. And we don’t have much call from there. But we are doing work in Palm Beach County. And if you need to come see me, it’s worth the travel.

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