What is Aspire Digital Altitude?

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What is Aspire Digital Altitude?
Aspire Digital Altitude claims to be a “done-for-you-business-in-a-box” that will get you earning a 6 figure income in 90 days.
That’s a lie.

Is Digital Altitude a Scam?
The true goal of Aspire Digital Altitude is to load up your credit card and suck as much cash out of you as possible.
Aspire is a Multi-Level Marketing organization that requires you to pay monthly fees and to buy products before you can sell them.
How Much Does it Cost?

Aspire only costs $1 to get started, but you will be required to pay that $1 with a credit card.
This small expense will then be followed by a relentless parade of upsells that ultimately leads you to a product that costs nearly $20,000!

Michael Force.
Michael Force is the soft-spoken founder of Aspire Digital Altitude.
If you find yourself falling for Mr. Force’s gentle style, consider this complaint I found in RipOffReport:

“. . .(Michael Force) made countless excuses, demeaned us and stole $10,000 . . .when we honestly did not have $10,000 to lose. . . .this was like a dagger to the chest at the time and we literally had to start from ground zero because of him. In the meantime, he was travelling to Paris with his family and basically living on our dime.” (Source:Ripoffreport.com)

Here’s another complaint I found online.

“I signed up with Aspire to teach and assist me with starting a home based business on-line. After spending $6,200.00, . . .I have nothing to show for the money I spent. This has been a horrible experience for me and my family.” (Source: Karen, ripoffreport.com)

The First Rule of Business.
The first rule of business is to stay in business.
If you spend thousands of dollars with Aspire, you won’t be in business very long, but you will be paying the credit card bill for years.

The Last Word on Aspire Digital Altitude.
Don’t waste your money, time and emotional energy on Aspire. You’ll only lose money trying to sell Aspire products nobody wants and few people can afford.

Instead of the Aspire nonsense, why not build a legitimate online business based on integrity and proven business principles?
It’s a lot easier to make money that way.

I’ll show you how. It won’t cost you a dime to get started and my help will always be free.

To get started watch the short video at


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