What Has Happened To Modern Day Spiritual Culture?

As a species we have evolved Spiritually throughout the eras of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and now the millennium. What worked in the 60’s no longer carries the same effect or bearing as it used to. What once Spiritually served us in the 80’s is now outdated.

The Spiritual paths of the past are of the past – so what Spiritual reality have we created now?

What I observe is that modern day Spirituality has put its faith in obtaining results as fast as possible and this is of a result of many people not having enough faith in the more ‘subtle’ realms of sensing and feeling.

When someone lacks faith in the ‘subtle’, their awareness becomes less refined and articulate, thus weakening the practitioners ability to:

  • connect deeply
  • observe the primordial origins of all things and
  • soften and enter into the flow of reality as it is.

We have instead collectively and progressively put our faith in the illusion of ‘density’ and this ‘density’ has caused our own awareness to become more and more ‘dense’ itself – just like the material things that we have become so pre-occupied with!

Since so many people cannot feel at the ‘subtle’ level of energy, this has lead to a huge proportion of practitioners using brute force spiritual methods in order to feel and experience.

I calculate that almost 90% of spiritual methods out there use brute force tactics, and as the saying goes ‘what you use is what you get’… so watch out!

It was once people started using their intellect to try and experience Spirituality that the physical body – our literal temple for Spiritual transformation – became undermined, misunderstood and eventually underused.

The entire purpose of the ‘vessel’ as a Spiritual vehicle has undeniably become less popular than many other in-roads to Spiritual development.

Instead many of us are familiar with working with energy by primarily using our minds. We do this by imagining or visualizing energy entering the body, leaving the body or moving it around the body etc.

What is happening here is not ‘subtle’ at all, but rather a crude method that relies on fabrication to produce effect. This results in the process of adding and more adding rather than letting go and releasing!

When one, who has been using brute force methods, explores the realms of ‘subtle’ once again – they may experience a narrative that sounds like this:

  • Nothing is happening!
  • I am not experiencing any results.
  • I need to do something here.
  • I am not feeling anything!
  • This is just a waste of time!
  • Am I going to achieve the results I want by doing this?
  • I don’t like this.
  • All good signs that you are on a track!

Instead of: pushing, forcing, imagining and adding- the body and mind can experience the more sustainable forces of softening, dissolving, moving through and releasing.

It is through this softening, dissolving, moving through and releasing that the True Self – free from additives – is revealed!

Where are all these additive, brute force methods leading modern day Spiritual culture?

I would love to hear your perspective on this!

Source by Illura T

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