Washington Mutual Loan Modification

Washington Mutual is one of the largest banks in the US and well-known company that is recently associated by the JP Morgan Chase. On the merger, Chase assured Washington Mutual customers that there was nothing to worry about and their accounts would not be affected. It is one of the first banks that united to President Obama's home stimulus program of "Make Home Affordable" plan in order to give the same goal to their valued customers and that is to maintain paying for your mortgage in lower interest rates.

One basic requirement of this plan is the homeowner who applied for loan modification program lives in the house that he applied for the loan. You will not be approved if the house that you applied for the loan modification plan is a vacation house that nobody lives, but a housekeeper.

The bank requires the borrower to pay for the mortgage less than 31% of the monthly income. This is lower than before that requires 38% of the property owner to pay for the mortgage fees every month. It is no wonder why there are a lot of homeowners having difficulty to pay for their fees.

Foreclosures are what Washington Mutual main goal to avoid and keep t your home safe with you. As much as possible, the bank would like to avoid it because they know the feeling of losing a home is like losing your money and a family member. As much as possible, Washington Mutual works fast as they could keep the house for you safely, allowing you to stay in the house while paying it and giving you the opportunity to extend your loan if needed.

It will help for them to understand your economic situation if you will provide a letter of difficulty to pay for your mortgage.

Source by Ryan A. Harris

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