Using Secured Loans For Home Improvements

Secured loans can be used for many purposes, one of the most common is for debt consolidation, and equally popular is using secured loans for home improvements. This is a very simple and easy way to get at the cash that is tied up in your home.

There are also several reasons why people apply for secured loans for home improvements, for example, you have lived in your house for seven years, in that time value is increased by £ 100,000.

That means you have hundred thousand pounds in cash, just sitting there in your house. When you bought the house seven years ago you did not have much spare cash for improvements, you did all the essentials but not the big jobs. And over the years, you have worked on bits and pieces to improve your home.

But all the time, you never quite had the cash to pay for an ultramodern kitchen or a new bathroom with a great power shower setup. The kids are growing up, and you could use the extra bedroom, and then there's that space at the side of the house, which would make a great place for a garage.

So you want all these things, but you do not have the available cash to pay for them, you could get unsecured loan or use your credit cards to buy the new kitchen. But there's no way you have enough room on the cards and cash in your hand to do all the work.

But remember, that your house is now worth £ 100,000 more than you paid for it. All you need to do is get that money out of the house. This is where secured loans for home improvements are completely your best option.

By secured, a finance company means that they will take out a simple second mortgage on the house, and in return will give you a check for the amount that you need to make all those improvements on your home.

Like your original mortgage, the second mortgage will be over a long period of time at an interest rate that is a fraction of what credit cards charge. This way, you can make all your home improvements, using a secured loan, and not to have a huge monthly bill, with big interest to pay back.

There are lots of other little things that you can use secured home improvement loans for. Using the same example, you have £ 100,000 available, the kitchen and the bathroom, and a garage are going to cost £ 55,000, and you could also take some of the remaining £ 45,000 to use for anything you like.

For example, a new car, you could borrow an extra £ 10,000 at the same low interest rates to buy the car. You have now totally refurbished your home, and bought a new car, using just the money that was sitting there in the value of the house.

There is something else you need to keep in mind, when you have spent at £ 55,000 on your house, is pretty safe to think that your house will go up in value. If you have planned correctly and made the right quality improvements, your house may well go up in value more than the £ 55,000 you took out of the house in the first place.

Improvements such as a garage or bedroom extension add value to a house that will always be there. So, by improving the house, you increase its value right now, and also it will be making more money for you over the coming years, than if you had not made the improvements.

Getting secured loans for home improvements is pretty straightforward and simple, and it should not take very long for you to receive a cheque and start making all these improvements you've always dreamed of.

Source by Joseph Kenny

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