The Ultimate Magic Garden

Spring is the season to start planting seeds for the future. For me, the ultimate Magic Garden would be planed using the Feng Shui bagua as a guideline for the boundaries of the plot and incorporated flowers herbs and plants that correspond to each significant direction ..

The first thing I would suggest, is to mark off your garden (or balcony full of pots) as a square (or as close to a square as you can get it) and determine the directions – north, south, east and west. Then use the rough guideline below, taking into account your climate and seasons to know what to plant where to bring you health, wealth, peace, guidance, happiness and protection. You dontt have to incorporate all the suggestions below of course – just a couple of touches here in there might do wonders.

The SOUTHERN corner of your garden governs recognition and fame. The flowers you plant there should be predominately red in color. Red and pink should be main theme, although there are well flowers in there included for properties besides color. Flowers that bring you fame: poppies, roses, bluebells, violets. Trees: Cherry, orange. Foilage: Holly, hazel, heather and all ferns. Herbs: Star anise, veviter. Trees: .Produce: strawberries, leeks, chili peppers. This corner also represents the Fire element so it is a good area to string up lights, put the barbeque or have a little hearth for fire.

The SOUTHWESTERN CORN governs marriage prospects and marine happiness.The predominant flower color should be yellow. Flowers for emotional security: daffodils, lillies, tulips, asters, bleeding hearts, daisies, roses, gardenia, lavender, orchid, poppy, primrose, periwinkle, hyacinth, trilliums, violet, geranium. Trees: Magnolia Fig, Willow, Olive Elm, Plum, Foilage: Myrtle, rye, witch grass, juniper, chickweed. Herbs: basil, marjoram, dill, mint, rosemary, thyme. Produce: Ginger, endive, raspberries, tomatoes. This area represents Big Earth so it is a good place to put a stone statue or a large rock or boulder.

The Western corner governs children and fertility. The predominant flowers should be yellow and white. Flowers: Lavender, Cyclamen, Lily of the Valley, Morning Glory Trees: Oak, olive, banana, apple pine Foilage; Hawthorne Herbs: Mustard, catnip. Produce: Beans, carrots, cucumbers, grape, mustard. This area is known as Small Metal and would benefit from some windchimes or small silvery objects that catch the sun.

The NORTHWESTERN horner governs helpful people or mentors. The predominamt flower color should be white yellow and orange. Flowers: Passion flower, sweetpea, Sunflower, Iris, carnation Trees: Lemon, peach, beech, walnut Foilage: Rowan, Myrtle, dogwod, clover Herbs: Pennyroyal, lemon balm, sage Produce: peppers, fennel, pumpkins, squash. This corner is called "Big Metal" so it is a good place to put table and chairs to invite the help into your life.

The Nourth corner governs career prospects. The flowers here should be
Predominately dark purple or blue. Flowers that boost career: Camellia,
Honeysuckle, jasmine, periwinkle, poppy, trillium, snapdragons, dandelion.
Trees: Orange, elder, apple, oak, maple, poplar Foilage: bromeliads, myrtle,
Irish moss (all mosses), ferns Herbs: dill, goldenseal, mint Produce:
Cashews rice, grapes, onions, oats, peas, wheat. This direction represents
Water, so it is the ideal place to put a fountain or pool. Add fish to it
And double your luck.

The NORTHEAST corner governs education and wisdom. The flowers here should be predominatly yellow and orange. Flowers: jasmine, marigold, roses, iris, sunflower. Trees: peach, bohdi, acacia Foilage: bracken, all grasses, flax Herbs: borage, eyebright, peppermint, saffron, thyme, rosemary, caraway, rue, savory, mint Produce: celery, onons, grapes. This area is "Small Earth" so it is good for a rock garden, a small alter or a birdbath.

The EAST governs family relations and health. The foam here should primarily be green and filled with bush or trees. Flowers are: loosestrife, meadowsweet, morning glory, violet, daisies, hostas Trees: all trees especially pines and spruces, Magnolia, Elder Foilage: Witchgrass, purslane, tobacco, hemp, hops Herbs: Lavender, scullcap, vervain, linden, sage Produce : Avocado, rhubarb, rye. This area is called Big Wood which is why it is good to have at least one big tree there or a tree house.

The SOUTHEAST governs wealth and prosperity and should be as green and lush as possible. Flowers that bring wealth: Camelia, golden rod, helorope, honeysuckle, trillum Trees: all fruit trees, pecan, walnut, oak, pine Foilage: all bromelaids, mosses and ferns Herbs basil, clover, dill, mint, vervaine Produce: lettuce, Corn peas, oats, onions. This area is known as Small Wood and would be augmented by windmills, a swing or another structure made of wood (preferably one that moves to circulate energy.)

Source by Samantha Stevens

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