The Truth About Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is still reliably new and unexplored for a lot of people and though the benefits are many you do have a right to be cautious. When debt consolidation companies and loans first hit the market there were as many scams as there were legitimate companies and this created a level of mistrust in the industry and among debtors. But, there have been strict regulations put on the consolidation industry which reduced many scams out of the industry and allowed reputable companies to offer better services with proof of certificates and high quality credit counselors.

While debt consolidation is offered both in offices and online, there are ways to check out a company to ensure you are working with a quality service and people and avoiding the fly-by-night organizations. There are many agencies that can help you check the credibility of a financial company. The BBB is the most obvious one and should be first on your list, but you can also look for your state financial institution regulation agency and check with them as well. Also ask for references and proof of certificates from the companies you are most interested in working with. A debt consolidation company should always have full contact information on their site and should be able to offer you the ability to speak with someone in person or on the phone.

Once you know you are working with someone reliable it's important to understand how debt consolidation and the loans involved work. These loans are offered to help you pay off your current level of debt while offering you additional services to avoid the same situation in the future. The benefits of a debt consolidation loan are that you are able to instantly stop harassment phone calls and letters because your creditors will all be paid with the loan directly from the loan company. You will also enjoy the monthly relief of multiple payments, due dates, interest rates and creditors with only one loan payment, due date and interest rate to worry about. This can also offer instant relief as often the monthly payment for the debt consolidation loan is significantly lower than the combined amount you were paying to all your creditors.

Debt consolidation loans are a great way to take control of your debt and get out from under a stressful and potentially devastating financial situation. With the right company, loan and credit counselors you can be on your way to life of debt relief.

Source by Becki Andrus

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