The Necessity of Postcard Printing

Postcards are a delight to send and to receive as they usually have a lovely picture on the front. There would be news or other information on its reverse. Postcard printing is thus an essential service in society which allows consumers to communicate with others in a different form.


There are many uses of postcard. Most travelers send a postcard or two during their travels; these postcards inform their loved ones back home on their safety and trip. Each port of call has different local specialties which can be shared with loved ones at home through a postcard. A quick note is written on its reverse to convey good wishes and information updates on the traveler to ease the hearts and minds of loved ones.

Postcards can also be used to keep in touch with those who have not been in touch for sometime. The postcards can be used to express one’s feelings too; today, there are many quaint and unique postcards with cartoon drawings and characters to depict one’s feelings. A short message on its reverse can do wonders to the relationship between the sender and recipient.


Postcards are small pieces of medium hard papers which can be crumpled or torn easily if they were not well printed. Poor quality postcards can become damaged easily. The picture on the front may not be attractive if there is no gloss finishing over it.

Postcards can be easily lost or misplaced in transit because they are smaller than other mail. Private messages are publicly read as the reverse is open for all to view. Hence, one must be careful with the use of postcards.


Postcard printing is usually undertaken by professional printers for bulk orders by certain companies especially in the tourism industry. Beautiful pictures of landscapes and photographs can be put on postcards.

Today, one can be creative and have wedding or graduation photos printed on postcards to be sent to inform loved ones and friends of the special occasion. Small pieces of postcards to be printed may be quite expensive while larger number of pieces would lower the price.

Postcard printers have a special machine for printing postcards with lamination, embossing, die cutting and foil blocking services. Postcards can be printed on different types of paper at different sizes depending on the needs of the consumer. Printers have a special machine to cut the postcard into the desired sizes although the postal department may only accept the standard size as postcards.

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