The Haiti Connection – Daily Diary Episode I

North 40 Productions has joined a group of humanitarians from Wenatchee, Wash., that have traveled to Milot, Haiti for the last 20 years to deliver aid. Our goal is to document the efforts of a small town group comprised of medical personnel, Rotary members and other volunteers who are delivering much-needed aid to a small town about 100 miles north of Port au Prince, the capitol city of Haiti. As part of a larger documentary project entitled “The Haiti Connection”, the film crew is producing daily video diaries for each day of the 6 day trip, beginning Monday, April 9th.

The team heading to Milot consists of medical professionals who provide much needed medical treatments that would ordinarily be unavailable at the Sacre Coeur Hospital, which has been called the Mayo Clinic of Haiti. They will be joined by members of the Wenatchee Downtown Rotary and other volunteers who will be installing water purification systems to reduce the incidence of waterborne disease, offering microfinance loans to stimulate the economy, and extending educational opportunities via a newly created scholarship program.

To see all the episodes, check out our channel at, or head to our blog at where you can also learn more information about The Haiti Connection.

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