Teach English in China

An informative interview with an ESL teacher about his experience teaching English in China.

Teach English in China – http://www.footprintsrecruiting.com/teach-english-china
All Teaching Jobs – http://www.footprintsrecruiting.com

The questions we asked in this interview :

1. What made you want to teach ESL in China?
2. Did you speak the language before you left?
3. Did you teach in a public or private school?
4. Did you have any teaching experience before you left?
5. How long were you there?
6. What steps must you take before you teach?
7. How much can you earn in China?
8. Do they provide your airfare and housing?
9. What was a typical day like?
10. Did you feel safe when you were there?
11. What did you do in your free time?
12. Were you able to save a lot of money?
13. How did you send money home to pay loans?
14. Did you have to pay taxes?
15. Did you live comfortably?
16. What was the weather like?
17. What was the food like?
18. Was it easy to get around?
19. How was your overall experience?
20. Did you go through a recruiter or on your own?

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