Supra Swagga

SUCOL Variety Show


Yo §upra, lets kick it

§upra §wagga (x2)

All right stop don’t brief just listen
§upra’s back just in time for graduation
SUCOL, its been a long 3 years
Studying hard while drinking a big beer
Will I pass the bar yo, I don’t know
Barbri all summer, it’s gonna blow
Came to Law School to find me a Hubby
Failed at that but at least I got a JD
Esquire, the title I’ll be receiving
The next 50 years be repaying loans, grieving
Anxious, when profs are socratic
But I’ve lined up excuses like, uh – I forgot that
Love it or hate it you know its too late
You already got this far and the loans gotta be repaid
If you gotta problem yo I’ll resolve it
Check out my memo in IRAC form I solve it

§upra §wagga (x5)

Now that law school is ending
You would think we’d gloat and do lots of spending
But the recession has messed up our flow
And BARBRI wants to cop all of our dough
We told yall way back in 2008
If you fail LCR that’ll seal your fate
We miss those days when life was so simple
Then again we were stressed, face full of pimples
That 1L curve was something serious
L&P sure had us delirious
2L year we did office hours all day
Did you stop? No, we did F&As.
Kept on pursuing to the next year
And now we’re finally here
The halls were dead
Yo so we continued to White Hall on Irving Avenue
1Ls carrying property casebooks
Hostile 2L shooting us stank eye looks
Jealous ’cause we outta this piece
Gonna cop a car on a 5-year lease
We can’t afford to pay out right
But that is cool because we gonna party all night
Well not until we pass the bar
Oh wait — we gotta pass the MPR —
E ’cause we failed in March & November
All those rules we can’t remember
Oh well we’re gonna be real bomb lawyers
Well at least we hope because we need employers
We don’t wanna live at home — yeah you know
We guess for extra cash we can bust a flow
If there’s a legal issue we’ll solve it
Check out the hook while §upra§wagga revolves it

§upra §wagga (x5)

Take heed ‘cause I speak in legalese
§upra’s on the scene just in case you gotta use me
Ready, to go out into reality
Malpractice, not in my vocabulary
Graduation is about a month away
Showing up for class but dreaming all day
C’s get Degrees
This is a hell of a concept
We make it hype so law firms hire us. WORD.
Slice the opposing – counsel like a ninja, Argue on trial
Write memos so fast students say damn!
Holding up printers with a paper jam
Keep my composure when it’s time to take the bar
My character and fitness won’t get me very far
If there is a hypo, yo I’ll issue spot it
Check out my answer, §upra §wagga’s got it

§upra §wagga (x4)

Yo man let’s get out of here
Word to your Honor

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