For in-depth banking intelligence that’s real and reliable, SNLBanker offers a single, streamlined solution. It’s the only reporting system that integrates data from internal systems like the core processor, general ledger, budget and CRM tools with external data sources to give bankers a 360˚ view of their institution. SNLBanker lets you accomplish more, using less time and energy. You’ll gain a true understanding of critical business drivers like risk, customer relationships and efficiency with a minimal investment of your resources.

Video Transcript:
Your bank generates an avalanche of internal data every day — from your core processor, general ledger, budget, CRM and other systems.

But you may not fully understand what all this data is trying to tell you about your performance drivers, trends and risks, because you have no way to integrate it and analyze it in real time for a quick proactive advantage.

Now you can close the feedback loop on your bank’s performance with SNLBanker, the streamlined solution for internal bank reporting and analytics. SNLBanker securely integrates data from all of your internal sources and works with all core processors and ancillary systems.

Installed on-site, it’s your single foolproof source for a 360 degree view of your bank’s performance. SNLBanker helps you maximize performance by providing pre-built dashboards and reports with metrics relevant to each role or team member in your bank.

Increase efficiency with your choice of more than 150 pre-built reporting options, and the flexibility to add more to fit your reporting needs. Unique to SNL Banker is easy drill down from a company view to the region, branch, banker, teller or account-level.

Executives keep daily tabs on asset quality, balance sheet and income statement changes, and overall operations. Finance and Credit teams reduce risk by viewing net daily change in deposits, loans, and portfolios. Branch managers track channel mix, branch targets & goals, teller metrics and financials. Lenders and personal bankers monitor portfolios and relationships at risk

Uncover opportunities to build deeper banking relationships.

Gain customer insight and target the best prospects for each product. SNL Banker integrates demographic and segment data from Nielsen P$YCLE to optimize marketing strategy.

You already know SNL Financial as the leading provider of banking industry intelligence for over 25 years. Which means bonus benefits like exclusive SNL peer & market data, to see how you compare on key metrics and interest rates.

You’ll be part of the SNL Banker Community with access to exclusive webinars and conferences. You’ll have your own dedicated SNLBanker adviser plus access to our unparalleled customer support 24/7.

So close your feedback loop. Manage proactively with a single source for the truth about your bank’s performance, in real-time.

SNL Banker. Maximize performance. Reduce risk. Increase efficiency. Contact us now for a free demonstration: 866.296.3743,,

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