Small Investment, Small Risk, Business Opportunities Do Exist

The thing investors really want is an opportunity that costs little to get in but offers big returns and the risks of not getting those returns are small. Typically, 9 out of 10 business opportunities fail. This statistic is quite a well known government statistic. What it means is that if you tried a business attempt 10 times over your life time, there is a good chance that one of them would give you a home run.

But what if you focused on opportunities that were no investment or little investment? The typical approach by most people is to work very hard, get some credit with the bank, save a large amount of money as a deposit and then buy some "going concern" like a diner or a coffee shop that outlays $ 60,000 to $ 100,000.

How many times can you make a business attempt if the entry costs are so steep? There is no room for error, either you make it work or lose everything. Typically this type of investment is their first attempt and their capacity and sophistication as a business person is very low. Attempting such high risk endeavors can be hazardous to your health!

Now lets consider business opportunities that only cost a small amount of money, but the returns are expected to be excellent. You could attempt a hundred such opportunities and by the statistical, 10 of the 100 would be winners for you. Playing the odds this way is a smart thing to do.

Some of the best opportunities cost under $ 1000 and often they can lead to passive income and are able to be reproduced, which can make the project scale-capable as you succeed. For example soda vending machines provide quite a cheap way to start a business and the outlay is quite small. The only work you have to do is travel out and clean, restock and collect the money out of the machine.

There are many such possibilities. You could take out some small retail space, making sure your zoning is correct and buy a few used washing machines and a dryer from the auctions. This can be done quite cheaply and the work is only 10 minutes a day collecting the money out of the machine and mopping the floors. You could build up a string of your automated laundry shops across the nation. The point is to be frugal with your investment funds and not be extravagant, like it will be your one and only business attempt.

Source by Martin Thomas

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