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Your small business loan eligibility score is driven by your responses to questions we ask you below. Your Scorecard displays the amount of funding and interest rates you are eligible for today, and up to three lender referrals for free. We also explain the pros and cons for each funding option, and how we determine your eligibility.

What was your sales last year?
What will your sales be this year?
What is your personal credit score?

After answering Scorecard questions, a lender and the funding product you are eligible for is displayed here.

Referral 1- 2 and 3. Send me referrals!

The FundWell will rate from 0-100: Not Yet Fudable: 0-9 Fundable: 10-27 Fundworthy: 28-54 and FundWell: 55-100 Congratulations! Your business is very healthy and you have access to funding options at the best interest rates in the market! Focus on maintaining an excellent credit score and stay profitable. For more question please call 1-800-439-3573 or visit us on the web at:

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