Small business financial services Uganda-L Pesa Current Loan

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Going through the loan application process at a financial institution can be disheartening. In order to avoid all the forms, questions and bureaucracy, you should try L-Pesa for a quick micro-loan. L-Pesa is the best platform to depend on for unsecured micro-loans. The Micro-Loan application is a one step process where you simply provide your phone number. Several steps take place before you can get a loan. To begin with, the verification of your M-Pesa,Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money or Zantel EzyPesa account shall be done, and your transaction activity for the past 6 months will be verified. Once you meet the basic criteria, you can get your first loan in minutes. The first loan is valued at $5, and is payable within 5 weeks. Once you set up at least 5 repayment transactions, you will receive the loan amount. To ensure that you are able to make the payment, you shall get a notification with a reminder before each payment is due. When you successfully pay back your $5 loan within 5 weeks, you will qualify for an increment of $10. If you do not repay within the stipulated time, your credit score will drop to zero and you will be unable to get more loans. No processing fee for 5$ loan.

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