Should I Join USANA Network Marketing MLM?

If you’re looking at USANA for the first time, chances are that someone has excited you about the massive earning potential. And you’re looking online for some evidence to back up their claims…Is this the real deal?

I’m not going to sit here and rattle off a testimonial and encourage you to hop on board. In an industry packed full of hype, I simply want you to consider the answers to three questions you must ask yourself before you commit yourself to owning a USANA business.

Can I Actually Afford It?

USANA is a Network Marketing company just like any other, no matter what the nice salesman/saleswoman told you. Network Marketing is by no means easy nor is it a fast way to make money.

But the failure rate is no different from any other business. In traditional business, entrepreneurs like yourself run out of money or lack the commitment to make it work. If you stick it out long enough, no matter what the business you undertake, you’ll eventually profit.

Which leads me to why so many people fail. I see time and time again people sold on a dream of immediate, easy riches. These misguided people often struggling on their last dollar will sell their car, leave their job, or take out a loan to get started.

I sincerely hope you aren’t one of these people who mistakenly believe that you’ll only temporarily be broke–that you’ll make money in less than a month.

If you do this, you’ll position yourself for failure as you realise that this isn’t that easy. You’ll desperately chase your friends and family trying to recruit them into your business.

The result? Failure. My point is that you can’t build a serious business without skills, experience, and cashflow. So if you’re on your last dime, the answer to the question of whether or not you should join USANA is a flat NO.

The reality is that your monthly autoship of approximately $AUD 250 is a recurring expense you must keep up to remain eligible for commission. If you can in fact comfortably spare that every month then you’re in a position to do business. Move on to question 2.

How Bad Do I Want This?

The next question to ask yourself is, “do I have the commitment to see this through to profit?”

No business is smooth sailing all the way–indeed Network Marketing is the most rewarding–but only after you profit.

Although you only need to spare an hour or two per day to run a USANA business, those hours must be used for focused profit producing activities.

Also, there are many new skills to learn. These skills are the main difference between you and the 6-figure earner who sold you on the business. They earn money simply because they have more skills than you. The good news is that there is no genetic talent that they have–only learnable skills.

If you don’t have 100% motivation and commitment, forget it. The answer is NO.

But if you’re willing to keep going no matter how many times you fail, you’re willing to learn all the skills, then bravo. Move to question #3.

How Will I Build My Business?

Who buys a business without figuring out an action plan? When you become a USANA distributor, you need a planned course of action that will guarantee you move ahead and ultimately profit.

Yes, I’m sure you were told about their “system” of getting 2 people and teaching them how to get 2 of their own. If it were that easy, do you think so many people would fail?

Getting 2 people of your own isn’t so hard, honestly. Talk to 200 people and you’ll find 2 people willing to join you. Don’t be under any illusions that you know this guy or that girl who’ll definitely join. Nothing is definite. Take it from a person with a degree in Network Marketing–with your limited skills you’ll have to talk to 100-200 people to get two people joining you.

Problem #1: If you don’t have sales and marketing skills, you’ll need to learn them before you can recruit anyone.

Chances are you’ve been told you won’t have to sell and the nice salesman/saleswoman you spoke to will do the selling for you. The truth is, they’re usually far too busy to sell to your 100 people and you’ll have to go it alone after a few.

Assume you got your two and were skilled enough to get them buying in with the Propak at $AUD 2,200 each. Good on you I say. That’s $400 in your pocket.

Then you’re going to tear your hair out trying to convince the two people you just recruited to get the motivation to talk to 100-200 people so you can get $400 again.

Problem #2: You won’t make leveraged income because your recruits won’t make any sales or recruit any distributors.

Here’s what happens: The two new recruits refuse to talk to enough people to get two of their own recruits. They don’t make money. Subsequently, their autoship becomes a burden. Within 2-3 months they call you up and ask “Can I get a refund?”.

Problem #3: You won’t make passive income from their autoship because they’ll stop buying it.

Then you’ll have to find more people of your own to market to. But you’ve spoken to the 100 people that you know, you need to try meeting another 100 people.

Problem #4: You run out of people to market your business or products to.

If you want to guarantee you succeed ask the salesman/saleswoman how they plan to help you solve these 4 problems. If they don’t have a solution or their solution sounds sketchy, you must either find a solution yourself or find another team.

If the answer to the question of “How will I build my business” is “I don’t know”, then you’re better off not joining USANA.

On the other hand, if you know how, then you’re ready to start a profitable, lucrative Network Marketing business.

My intention is not to discourage you, but simply to help you make an informed decision when embarking on a USANA business.

Source by Jim Yaghi

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