Shiva Promo for Nickelodeon India

The Brief: Shiva is a new and very popular children’s show on Nickelodeon India. The title character is a 9-year old superhero with a gadget-laden bicycle and a posse of loyal friends to help him keep his town’s endless supply of villains in line. As Shiva is a popular new show, the goals for the promos were to reinforce that new episodes can be seen on Nick India, and to emphasize the comedy and adventure aspects of the show.

Branding Agency Leroy & Clarkson turned to Galaxy 61 to handle the animation of 10 characters (11 if you count Shiva’s bicycle) in the 30-second promo. The main gag revolves around Ladoo Singh, the chief of police. Ladoo is not actually the one clobbering all those bad guys- he is enjoying a box of donuts while Shiva takes the crooks out with his bicycle. Fans of the show know that Ladoo will take all the credit, but Shiva and his friends get their moment of glory.

Our crack character animation team gleefully ran with the premise, inventing many bits of business as well as severely distorted slo-mo “just been punched” facial expressions. The end results are hilarious.

Doug Johnson: Animation Director
Jared Eng: Animator
Paul Wei: Animator

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