Self Certification Loans – Your Ticket to Home Ownership

You've dreamed about owning your own home for what looks like decades, but the possibility has always appeared out of your grass … until now. With the help of self certification loans, you can finally be handed the key to your personal palace, even if you're self employed or do not have any proof of employment for the past three years.

Self certification loans have been set up by financial institutions to attract people in your position ie, those who are self-employed. Although you may not have official pay stubs from a third party organization such as a corporation or employer, that does not mean that you would not be able to keep up with repayments, and financial institutions have started to realize that.

In years past, self certification loans were generally unheard of a real tragedy for those persons who were willing to buy property, but they are finally sweeping the market. This is all in response to the global competition between lenders, a direct result of the power and growth of the Internet. Self certification loans have also taken off because so many people are now working for themselves from their homes again, a result of cyber commerce.

In a nutshell, self certification loans allow an individual who is self-employed to, in essence, self verify his or her anticipated annual income. This can be done verbally by a sort of honor system and / or may be substantiated with bank statements to assure the lender that the borrower does, indeed, have accounts with money in them.

Additionally, some applicants of self certification loans choose to hire an accountant or financial planner to provide the financial institution with a professional verification of estimated annual income. Again, this assures the lending institution that the borrower will be a good credit risk and will pay self certification loans back on or before the time they are due. Although this will cost some money up front professionals wont work for free, the investment is well worth it.

One important item to note is that self certification loans do typically carry with them higher-than-average interest rates however, this should not be a shock, nor should it be a deterrent for anyone seriously considering them. Most loans that are essentially riskier for the bank or financial institution like self certification loans will not offer the lowest interest rates on the market. Still, if self certification loans are your only option, those interest rates should not come between you and doing what you've always dreamed of accomplishing ie, owning your own home or condo.

With all the opportunities that self certification loans have opened up for those who are self employed or can not provide income documentation for the past three years, self certification loans should not be ignored as an opportunity. And many financial institutions now have several self certification loans options for borrowers just like you.

So check out the self certification loans today and start on the path to owning your own castle! You'll never regret it, especially years down the road.

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