Same Sex Marriage Effects On The World

Same sex is a problem today that is increasing day by day across the globe; Governments of several countries are under pressure to introduce new laws for same sex marriage. In the US, customary groups against same sex marriages are losing control over the laws as the State Government is prohibiting same sex marriages, as happened in the state of New Hampshire.

People in the US are becoming aware of the citizen rights; they know the fundamental individual rights they possess. As a result, it has become a problem for the state Governments to pass relevant laws and orders.

Gay couples have always faced inequality and denunciation from the society in the past and today as well, and this will move ahead with time. Gay relations are altering the cultures in society not only in the US but also in other parts of the world. The impact of these types of relationships may create problems in the society and have some horrible results towards harmony and humanity around the world.

Everyone living in a society has the right to speak, listen and express their feelings, and make choices with a will to breathe serenely. People with high religious values ​​do not accept such relationships as they think these are against God's will, which will have impacts in the society, especially their upcoming generation. Some people criticize gay relations as they do not like the preferences made by others. Gays in different societies dither to make public appearances as they are scared and because of this they favor a partner to fight with the inhospitality offered by the society.

Effects of gay marriages could become more devastating for the society as legalization of this culture will influence more and more people towards same sex marriage. Gay marriages disobey the basic laws of marriage as a result people would start creating their own culture and beliefs like getting married to an animal.

Source by Kum Martin

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