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Welcome to Salon Objectives!

Salon Objectives is a cloud based software that was developed to challenge the industry standards.

– It was created to separate the independent user from the owner/manager of their business. Meaning that their the user of Salon Objectives owns their customers and data. They take it with them. No one else has access to your reports, finances, money that is collected through our credit card system, appointments or contacts. True freedom and independence.

– It was created to be faster than any widely known competing system out there. In this generation we are obsessed with instant gratification and that is no different from our founders and developers. Therefore we made the system on the fastest codebase, fast servers and unique technology created just to make your user experience awesome.

– It was created for simplicity. Being a fan of Apple and Android, we created the system to have a user experience similar to an app. We wanted less clicks, less forms and less fields to save. We made the system work using minimal input from our users so that your user experience is fast and easy and lets you get back to what you want to do, rather than clicking and loading.

– It was created to challenge the norm. For example our founders have never been fond of the standard calendar with overlapping boxes. It is hard to read and takes time to process in our minds before we can make decisions. We are breaking the rules by trying something unique such as our timeline calendar. Everything in one smooth time line. We know how long things will take and we only need to think about the gap from one to another. We hope you are enjoying our new timeline feature as much as we are.

– To offer the best support in the industry. We have created the system to operate small and on a personal level. This is one of the reasons our system is priced higher than some of our competitors. We will have on call staff 24/7 as well as keep our system on the most up to date and fastest servers we can find. We will also keep our promise and listen to feedback. If something is not working for our users or needs new features we want to hear about it. This system was created to make all of our lives easier and we will do it together as a team.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Salon Objectives team. We are so proud to have the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you so much, Scott

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