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Profitable Sunrise is located in London. PS provides short term loans to businesses, primarily businesses in the United States. The loans range from 5-20 days on average, but some extend to as much as 6 months. The company obtains collateral from the borrowers to secure the loans which dramatically lowers the default rate. They also insure the loans if they do not have enough collateral. The insurance provides 70% of the loan amount back to the company if the borrower defaults. YES, some borrowers default on the loans BUT the company spreads our funds through multiple companies and does have collateral and insurance on each loan as a back up.
Our private group pays 2.15% per business day (Mon-Fri and excluding any banking holidays) for 180 days. You do NOT have to wait 180 days to access your funds though. You can start withdrawing daily interest in your first 24 hours! The significance of the term is in regards to your original loan amount. You will get that back after the 180 days.
JUST TO BE CLEAR… will get paid for 180 BUSINESS DAYS. So the length of the term will be much longer than 180 days when you add all of the weekend days and any holidays. For example, 4 weeks has 20 business days, but the full length is 28 days. You will get paid for 180 business days, but it will actually take much longer than that to get all 180 payments when you include weekends and holidays.
Say you fund with $10,000.00. After the first business day, you will have $215.00 available in your account. You can use those funds to make a new deposit or withdraw them and have them in your hands within 24 hours! If you do this every business day for 48 business days you will have every dime you deposited back in your hands! You can then choose to let each payment for the remaining 132 business days compound 100% risk free!
There are generally two types of loans being funded:
1. A company who has receivables where money is owed to them through invoices but they need cash now to meet current demands.
2. Companies who need proof of funds in order to get funding. As an example, say XYZ company wants to borrow $1,000,000.00 for working capital and expansion. They may need to show at least $300,000 in the bank for at least 90 days to 6 months. This company loans them the funds to do this. Once they get funded, the money comes back with interest. The loans range from $50,000-$500,000 on average, but can be more.
Our funds are split between numerous companies to further reduce our risk. This is still a high return program and obviously still has some risk so our rules of engagement remain the same as virtually any other program:
1. Get our seed money back as quickly as possible and compound the profits.
2. Never use money we can’t afford to lose (I state this despite there being TWO forms or protection put in place when we loan money. This is the best way for us to be ultra conservative and truly minimize our risk.)
The company accepts Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, EgoPay and Bank Wires.
We can request a withdraw daily and we get paid within 24 hours! Since I’ve been in this, I’ve actually been getting paid within just a few hours.
This means you can realistically have ALL of your money back in your pocket in 48 business days if you withdraw every business day from the beginning. You can then can compound the rest risk free!
They have a responsive customer support system that generally responds in 2-3 hours with a max of about 24 hours on weekdays.
One last thing, you will be responsible for our own tax accounting because the company does NOT provide any 1099’s.
I’ve been testing this out for a 4 weeks now, and I have received all of my earnings and all of my withdrawal requests within hours so it looks pretty good. I like the business model, and love the simplicity. Again, I’m still working this like any other program with getting my seed money back as my first goal…then use the house’s money to compound and hopefully grow this into a nice monthly income.
Profitable Sunrise
Passive Income
No Recruiting
No Sponsoring
Daily Compounding
Daily Interest
Daily Income
No Downline
Early Cash Withdrawals
Home Base Business
Extra Income
Part Time Income
High Rate of Return

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