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Here is one of VideoBuzz’s clients, Pro-Vide Home Loans. So, you need a loan but you’ve gone from one bank to another and got the same response.
You’re really frustrated because you have a 25% deposit but no one is willing to loan you the money.
Well don’t worry we’ve got the solution.
We’re Pro-vide home loans… your non-bank lender that provides loans that the regular banks won’t. We believe in giving you a fair go.
Because, at Pro-vide Home Loans, we understand that bad things can happen to good people, like sickness, unemployment, divorce, business failure – and even bankruptcy.
AND we believe everyone deserves a second chance.
Pro-vide Home Loans is a lender, not a broker. When you deal with us, there’s no middleman. We’re the ones who’ll make the decision about your loan.
We help you to refinance credit cards, , personal loans, car loans, debt collectors, short-term money lenders, council rates, , school fees and even mortgage arrears, into one home loan, with one simple payment – usually less than you’re paying now.
We also have a loan called flexi-doc, which is designed specifically for small businesses that can’t always satisfy the restrictive lending criteria of mainstream banks.
If you have 25% of the property value as equity or a cash deposit, we may be able to help.
When we assess your loan, we’ll focus on your future potential, not just your past problems. We’ll ask what’s changed and how are you better off than before.
So if you’re looking to overcome the difficulties of a poor credit rating, consolidate your debts, clear your mortgage arrears, , fund a business, pay out a bankruptcy or buy a house then it’s time to contact the friendly team at Pro-vide Home Loans.
Call us today on 1300 417 664 to get the ball rolling.

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