Personal Magnetism The Art Of Attractive Presence

Have you ever noticed how some individuals seem to have an invisible aura that surrounds them and makes them irresistible? People want to be around them, do business with them, and even start romantic relationships with them. Invisible magnetic forces seem to give these certain individuals advantages in life. When this power has been developed properly the very presence of these magnetic people can have a calming and relaxing effect on others. There is no condemning the fact that personal magnetism exists, but how does one improve their magnetic qualities? The following is a list of what creates this personal magnetism, and how you can improve yours.

Physical Magnetism

Being Tall Helps: Even large statues with great height seem to have some kind of magnetic presence. Tall people seem to create this magnetic field because of sheer genetic characteristics.

Improve your Body: One of the most powerful and direct ways of generating irresistible personal magnetism is to get in shape. When both the male and female body types build lean muscle and shed fat, they take on their distinctive shapes creating a powerful attraction. Furthermore, being in great shape has been known to help self-confidence and create a powerful magnetic field.

Wardrobe Check: A person displays an image they want to portray to the world everyday when they choose what clothes to wear. Stylish clothes, jewelry, and other physical adornments can have a small effect on the overall magnetic field created by the individual.

Inner Magnetism

Send Out Positive Vibes: This is one of the most powerful tools in creating personal magnetism. Studies have shown that positive people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. When you walk in a room, or walk past another person, smile. Sending out positive vibes to others will project confidence and strength.

Find the Inner Game: Our true selves exist on a defect level then simply our personality, attributes, and habits. Truly understanding the full potential of our mind and soul is a journey that we must take through our life times. Understanding the cause of our magnetism can help us understand our full potential and essentially let that light shine for others to see.

It all Comes Down to Confidence: You may read things about eating certain kinds of fish oils will make you a more magnetic person (and it may). However, the over arcing principle behind all the steps in helping you create personal magnetism is increasing your confidence. Follow each aspect carefully, and think of ways to incorporate them into your life bringing you confidence as you improve on each one. Confidence is a fickle friend. Sometimes doing one small thing, such as wearing an outfit you really think looks good can sky rocket our confidence through the roof. Additionally, confidence compounds itself like interest in the bank. The more confidence you have, the easier it is to build.

Source by Jesse Sherer

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