Personal Loan to Repay Credit Card

Credit cards have become one of the most common sources of urgent fund especially in tier 1 and tier 2 cities of present India. Credit cards have are now as common as currency notes in every wallet. A credit card is just another name of a pre-approved loan. When a person pays through credit card, he is to pay interest on the spent money to the credit card provider. The interest on the initial months may be less but the annual interest on a credit card is too high that it will make you go with a hole in your pocket. The interest on a credit card may go as high as 45% which will make one pay a very high amount when he has a large outstanding amount. The credit card debt is not less than a quicksand which will pull you deep into a debt-burdened life with every passing day. In such situations, the only force which can pull one out of this trap is a Personal Loan.

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