Pay Day Loans in Missouri: Economic Freedom or Abusing Consumers?

There are hundreds of them in the Show Me State. In fact, in many communities there are more of them than there are fast food restaurants.

Pay Day Loans. Short Term Loans. Title Loans.

Whatever you want to call the business, some activists want Missouri’s government to crack down on them. A statewide effort is underway to convince lawmakers to legally cap the interest rate these businesses can charge. Right now, interest on a short term loan can reach hundreds of percent.

Barb Paulus, through Metropolitan Congregations United, is part of that effort and explains why they see a problem and why they believe increased regulations will help.

In another viewpoint on the issue, we preview a video provided by the Show Me Institute, which shows policy analyst David Stokes going through the pay day loan process first hand.

Also, Mike O’Brien from St. Louis Community Credit Union has advice for those who want to get out from the debt spiral that often comes from using pay day loans.

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