Obama Public Works, Just More Pork?


1. The re-organisation of the Federal Reserve System, forbidding it to print any more Federal Reserve Notes, and that the Federal Reserve be placed under the Department of the Treasury, and be forbidden eternally the practice common know as fractional banking.
2. The Creation of United States Money in the amount of One Trillion United States Dollars, and other future fiat creations in United States Dollars as deemed necessary by the President, The Secretary of the Treasury and what is generally known as the President’s economic team.
3. Upon the Creation of this initial One Trillion Dollar Fund, that every American Household be given a cash voucher, payable in the new United States Dollar, in the amount of $20,000 for the purchase of a new energy efficient home, or the re-fitting of an existing property to an energy efficient standard, and a $10,000 cash voucher to the head of every American Household for the purchase of a hybrid electric or natural gas powered car to be made in America. The SBA shall be instructed to issue a $100,000 Zero Interest, Zero Down Loan payable in the United States Dollar, and repayable over the next 10 years in those same United States Dollars, for the opening of any business related to alternative energy, gas powered and/or hybrid electric cars, or any other worthy business whose sole focus will be to create alternative energy, conserve energy, or to create a new energy related invention. Regional Transportation Authorities owned by We The People will be created and instructed to build rapid transit in concentric circles around the 100 largest cities in the America funded by newly the newly created fiat money. United States Fiat Money will also be used to build Wind Farms and to produce Natural Gas wherever feasible, also owned by We The People of the United States.
4. Foreclosures and IRS seizures shall be forbidden for a period of four years.
5. Criminal records are to be made private except to law enforcement. Probation officers will be required to find employment and a place to live for their “client base” of released prisoners.
6. Credit records, and all Debts public and private will be cleared every 30 Years. It will be the Year of the American Jubilee!
7. That a 20% flat tax be created immediately. No withholding will be allowed for any amount of money above an estimate of the amount of the 20% tax due based on last year’s income. That the American Poor Head of Household be give a negative tax(a monthly voucher) in the amount of $12,000 per year, adjusted for inflation, provided such Citizen participate in drug and alcohol programs if their past history indicates that should be undertaken.
8. That abortion is declared illegal, and any Justice at any level of government be impeached for allowing abortion.
9. That electric and water companies in the United States be Nationalized immediately.
10. That the United States of America will pay for all health insurance claims above $10,000. All claims under $10,000 will be paid by private insurance companies provided all pre-existing conditions are covered. The program is to be funded by fiat United States Money.
11. That the United States of America will fund water and agricultural co-operatives outside every American City to be used only in the event of national emergency. Small farmers that have been put out of business are to be in charge of their creation and up-keep and be given vouchers and salaries payable in the new United States Money to preserve these goods for generations to come.
12. Any Citizen who finds fraud and waste is to be given a 10% cash voucher of the amount of the money deemed saved.
13. Fiat United States Money will be used to back up all checking accounts at 100%, and loaned to these New Banks repayable over 10 years interest free. Charters that do not contain this provision will be REVOKED! The FDIC will no longer be needed.
14. National Banks will be forbidden. Regional banks will be allowed, with at least 51% percent of the Governing Boards to be appointed from volunteers who serve in each regional community.
15. Banks will be required to loan all of the new United States Money on deposit, less no greater than a 10% “handling” fee. They will be permitted to charge no more than 8% interest.
16. Usury will be forbidden. No interest rates higher than 8% will be permitted. All credit card debt in existence higher than 8% will be discharged.
17. All Government Departments at all levels will be required to be published on the Web in language at an 8th grade reading level describing exactly what their programs are doing, and We The People will vote on the Internet as whether we desire to continue their funding. We The People will determine who was responsive to Our Will at Election Time! United States Fiat Money will fund all programs who survive. State and local property taxes are hereby abolished.
18. All direct participants in any floor traded exchange, or their indirect associates, will be forbidden in engaging in any trading that results in market manipulation, with special attention being given to those engaged in futures trading. Trading in United States Money as a commodity will be strictly forbidden.
19. We The People will call a National Constitutional Convention before the next Presidential Election create a Fourth Branch of Government to be known as The Money Branch, while at the same time establishing a National List of goods and services to be run by the United States government and owned by We The People, declaring that at a minimum Water and Electric Services will Eternally be owned by the Citizens of the United States of America.


RICHARD ALAN HASKELL PETER http://vimeo.com/2783535

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