November 18, 2015 Good Day DePaul

On this edition of “Good Day DePaul,” groundbreaking for the new DePaul arena. Breanna Blisset was there.
Student loans. How can you make them more affordable and easier to pay back? Nick Boffo has some answers.
China changes it one-child policy, and some DePaul Chinese students talk about it with Jennifer Herrera.
The DePaul soccer season comes to an end, just as the basketball season is starting. Evan Walter has those stories in sports.
Holiday travel. It can be stressful for many DePaul students. Jasmine Cooper has some tips for easing the travel hassle.
DePaul starts work on its new Music School building. Jesika Rodriguez has that story.
And the Interfaith movement at DePaul. Miro McPherson reports on its goals and achievements.

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