Normal Range Blood Sugar Level – Is it the Same For All?

Normal range blood sugar level variants from time to time during the day. The variance is based upon what you have ate through the day and how much physically active you have been.

The blood sugar level of the person with empty stomach should be in the range of 70 mg / dl and 99 mg / dl (if the person is not yet diagnosed with diabetes). The individual falls in a pre diabetic group if his fasting blood sugar level is between 100 mg / dl and 126 mg / dl.

Let us consider for a moment that a person gets the value of 116 after a fast for 8 to 10 hours. Now what should he do? Is he diabetic; As he has the value that is above the normal range blood sugar level? The answer is he is not diabetic, he is yet pre-diabetic. It is a stage that warns the person that diabetes is about to set in. This pre-diabetic stage is also termed impaired glucose or impaired glucose tolerance.

A person must consider him lucky if he is diagnosed with pre diabetes. He is a step ahead from other diagnosed diabetics. Diabetes is not there but it is about to attack. Pre diabetes shows that the blood glucose level is high but not high enough to be termed diabetic. The pre-diabetics are luckier as they are able to diagnose the disease well in time and they have a pretty good chance of reversing the disease.

Further detecting the disease at the pre-diabetic stage enables the person to reduce the risk of diabetic complications. A good treatment regimen can enable them to completely eradicate the chances of diabetic complications. It is good to discuss the treatment plan with the physician. He will recommend the exercise plan, diet adjustment and blood sugar tests with best diabetic testing supplies at home. Some people consider all this is too much as they are only at pre diabetic stage but this really pays them in the end.

The prime aim of treatment is to cut out the foods from the diet plan that cause the blood sugar levels to jump higher. Adoption of the diabetic diet by the pre-diabetic and adopting a regular exercising routine helps them to keep the risk at bay. A good physician may also give them the plan to monitor blood sugar levels. This monitoring helps the pre-diabetics to sort out which foods and activities are causing an increase in the glucose levels. It is good to note these activities as well as food items. This would be of great help in the future as well.

Normal range blood sugar levels vary with the type of physical activity, stress level, what a person has ateen, how long he has ate and his age.

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