MÖWE & Daniel Nitt – Lovers Friends (Official Music Video)

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When the gaming commission of Nevada asked The Bearded Man if he was “willing to cross the line”, he would never have guessed that they were talking about a limbo competition at the MGM Grand. Yes, he packed his trusty Walter PPK into his luggage, suited up in his finest tux, and prepared himself for yet another ominous assignment. This was strictly business, after all, otherwise why would the head honcho have called him personally? During the 8 hour flight, he pondered what his next mission might be. When he finally arrived, imagine his surprise when he saw, standing there with a sign in her hands reading “TBM”, that this was all a set-up from a former fling of his. “Oh Shantiqua, you little minx, I should have known you were behind this…” said The Bearded Man wryly. To her credit, Shantiqua was just about the finest cat this side of the Yangtze, and she and he had had an on-again/off-again thing going on for years. Our hero knew he wouldn’t be needing his gun, but he still wondered why he was there. As it turns out, the MGM Grand was hosting the world’s most prestigious limbo competition, and everyone knows The Bearded Man is flexible as sh**. Shantiqua handed him a pair of roller skates, and The Bearded Man slid under the bar gracefully. It was balanced on two Coke bottles. Needless to say, he won, even beating out some tiny kid, crushing his youthful dreams forever. The Bearded Man and the girl went back to their comped penthouse suite, where we’re told another line was crossed altogether…

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