Meet Southeast Tech Alumnus Nickkie Hoekstra

Nickkie Hoekstra
Landscape Designer, Greenworld, Inc.
Class of 2004
Degrees: Business Administration, Horticulture Technology and Landscape Design Technology

“The many different areas that you can use a horticulture or landscape degree is a great benefit. You can work for a large corporation maintaining their grounds, you can design landscapes for a large firm or a small design/install company, you could be a sales representative for plants or hardscape and the list goes on and on. A degree from Southeast Tech is a quick way to get some knowledge about your career field so you can advance into your position soon after graduating.” –Nickkie Hoekstra

Green Creativity
Nickkie Hoekstra delivers inspiration and natural beauty for her clientele.

Looking to earn some extra cash before starting college, Nickkie Hoekstra got a summer job at a local landscape center. According to plan, she began classes at Southeast Tech to attain her Business Administration degree. However, after just one year, she knew she wanted to work with the green industry full time. “I finished up my Business Administration degree and then switched over to the Horticulture Technology and Landscape Design Technology program.”

She shares, “Southeast Tech was a great school to go to. It was awesome since it was a two-year program, I didn’t have to invest so much time in school and since the instructors had so much real-life experience, it was legitimate not just from a text book.” And with a degree in Business Administration to back up her horticulture knowledge, Nickkie was much more valuable to her company.

A landscape designer at Greenworld Inc., Nickkie helps her clientele by developing a plan and then bringing it to life at their business or residence. In addition, she takes care of the business side of things as well. “My education at Southeast Tech gave me a great start to my career. The plant knowledge I gained at school is something I use on a day-to-day basis. The information I learned during my business classes helps me manage the way we set up the nursery, run sales and merchandise our products.”

Nickkie is happy that she has attained the ability to conduct business as well as enjoy her creative side and the benefits that come from that. “The love of the outdoors and a creative spirit are the perfect tools for a great landscape designer or crew foreman. This career is very rewarding because you get to help people with their properties. A ‘Thank You, we absolutely love it!’ from a client after the project has been completed is a great feeling!”

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