Managing Retail Employees: Setting Expectations

Since retail hourly help cannot be paid the kind of money that many other jobs command, often a store owner must work with a younger pool or less well trained pool of talent. While there are many sharp and hard working people in retail, they will not all be that way. It is for this reason that you must stay ahead of the game in terms of what young workers and less skilled workers may have in store for you in terms of problem issues and fires to put out. Are we communicating here?

Younger workers especially must have expectations spelled out for them. I’m talking about common sense basics here. Like showing up for work and showing up on time. Many people today do not even know what good customer service is, because they’ve never seen it or experienced it. The more you can anticipate what younger or less responsible workers might do to you and the better job you can do in reminding them of your expectations, the less unpleasant fires you’ll have and the easier life will be for you! Do I make myself clear here? The following is some specific and valuable advice from someone who has weathered the storms of lower wage workers… ME!

From the first interview and first day of hiring forward: Job attendance and punctuality are a critical part of each employee’s performance. You must tell them that at least 5 times. Any absence without notification is cause for dismissal. You must understand that, and YOU must let your people know that you mean it. Anyone who will be absent for any reason must notify their manager at least 2 hours prior to their scheduled time on the job. More notice is highly preferable and expected if at all possible. Here are some more important expectations which should become written policy and should be signed off on by the employee.

1. Repeated tardiness may result in loss of hours or dismissal. (Apple’s policy for their stores allows for only three incidents of 6 minutes late over a 6 month period as a cause for termination)

2. Any employee may be fired immediately and without advance notice for any of the following reasons.

a. Theft or proven dishonesty

b. Violation of company cash handling procedures including under-ringing

c. Falsifying company reports or records.

d. Deliberate destruction or damage of personal or company property.

e. Embezzlement.

f. Possessing firearms on company property or on company hours.

g. Knowingly and willfully completing or clocking in another employees time card or allowing another employee to do the same to yours.

3. Disciplinary Action or Termination may result if one of the following procedures are violated.

a. Insubordination.

b. Rudeness or any action while on company time that might discredit or result in loss of goodwill towards the company.

c. Failure to report a sale or refund at the time of the transaction.

d. Falsely claiming sick leave

e. Any negligent or intentional action that results in injury to yourself or to others, or action that may result in damage to the company’s or other’s personal property.

f. Undependable attendance on the job.

g. Failure to abide by company dress code

h. Failure to treat all customers and individuals on company property equally and with respect regardless of race, sex, or color.

i. Exchanging hours with another employee with a result of an absence on either parties part

j. Willful violation of company safety and loss prevention procedures.

The above policies are not meant to be complete, but only to give an idea as to expectations and policy for all employees.

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Source by Richard L Gordon

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