Malta the Damager’s Revenge – by Kevin Loria

Subhed: FWE Wrestler Malta the Damager versus Big Daddy V: The Rematch

Short Description: Pro wrestler Malta the Damager says he’s a fighter who wrestles for his family’s honor. But this fight against Big Daddy V is about revenge. Big Daddy busted him up last April, and disrespected his wife and kids. Malta wants him to pay.

Longer Description: James Bonavia works during the week as a superintendent in Manhattan, living in the basement of his building. That provides enough money and health insurance to support his family – a wife and two children who live in their Pennsylvania home. But on weekends that he doesn’t visit the family, the 41-year-old wrestles in independent pro wrestling matches under the name Malta the Damager. These aren’t the big money WWF or WWE matches, but a separate league coordinated by a few diehard fans who wanted to create their own wrestling scene.

Last April, a wrestler named Big Daddy V broke Malta’s ribs and punctured his lung by lying him out on a table and jumping on top of him. Then, Big Daddy picked up a microphone to insult Malta’s family. On October 5, Malta sought revenge against Big Daddy V at the FWE Back To Brooklyn Wrestling Match. This is how the fight played out. In Malta’s words: It gets grimy bro.

Blog Notes: Malta is just an amazing character, and I have to give Colin Weatherby credit for finding the guy, setting this up, and gathering a ton of footage – thanks Colin! Malta was such a great talker that it was almost impossible to figure out what to include in the piece and what to leave out – his stories about growing up in Queens and always living in the 80s in his head come to mind, as does the fact that he says he got his moniker from his time slamdancing at hardcore punk shows. But for me, not only did seeing this wrestling match blow my mind (I’ve never encountered anything like that), but the fact that it was held in the gym of parochial school called St. Pat’s in Bay Ridge – connected to a church and all – that was truly wild.

Transcript: Malta: I want to be a family man and a wrestler and so far I been doing it for 17 years… And I’m riding on the double yellow line, right in the middle.

I have a wife who loves me even though i’m not rich. She loves me for who i am and my kids too.

Its always my family that there suffering through the whole thing. They don’t want me to wrestle anymore. You know? But I feel like I have to go in there and I have to defend the honor of my family.

I’m not going to be wrestling forever, like I said, I’m 41 years old so I’m not going to be wrestling forever.

I don’t even have to make a million dollars, if I just make enough money to pay my house off…. I wouldn’t need to live away from my family 5 days a week in order to make decent wages.

You know, I do it for them.

You know, people tell me yo, wrestling’s fake. I tell them yeah wrestling’s fake… because murder’s not fucking legal.

Are you going to, if I go over there and drop somebody 260 pounds 300 pounds on their neck and I kill em, are you gonna bring a 9 year old kid to watch me? I don’t think so.

I’m going into this this fight. its not a wrestling match, its gonna be a fight. I’m going into this fight against big daddy viscera. I’m gonna be like a caged animal. foaming at the mouth.

Malta: I was at a show when I was contemplating my retirement and then he comes out and starts attacking my wife on the mic and my daughter, and my son, and I don’t think the guy respects me at all.

And then, it’s bad enough with what i went through, broken ribs, punctured lung… i took his best shot, he hasn’t taken my best shot. he’s gonna see what i’m about. a dude who’s survived the streets of new york in the 70s and the 80s and the early 90s.

It might not be Madison Square Garden but let’s just say for me, going over to this place here in Bay Ridge, St Pats, that’s my Madison Square Garden

The reality of wrestling, it’s a lot more realer than people could imagine, it’s the business is rough rough rough.

Because wrestling is a big money business today, all the people who are in the independent circuit are like a bunch of dogs fighting over that one bone, which is the WWEE contract for a million dollars….

I mean, It gets grimy bro.

It’s something that I love, being a professional wrestler.

That’s just what it is, it’s a fight. You have to do whatever it takes to win

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