Malawi partnership – Orphans

In Malawi Africa, New Hope church’s partnership has provided food, education and clothing to orphaned children. Lunches are provided for up to 400 pre-school children each day.

Ubuntu, is an ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other.
The word has its origin in the Bantu languages of Southern Africa.
Ubuntu is seen as a traditional African concept.

Malawi 2013 Trip Blog
Ubuntu is a group from New Hope Church whose mission is to build a reciprocal relationship with a community in Africa.
We want to help them develop holistic and sustainable projects to help improve the quality of their lives.
In return we believe we can learn a great deal about life from them.

A healthy, vibrant community in Africa with personal connections to the people of our community.

These are the values that will guide our actions:

– Our approach should deal with problems in a way that looks at the inter-related nature of the factors that create poverty and deprivation. For example, providing HIV/AIDs medicine without helping with food, water, sanitation or other needs is not likely to be as successful.

Grassroots/ Locally driven
– The identification of needs and priorities should be determined by the people themselves. We will not impose solutions on people. There needs to be a large component of local participation, not an externally driven program.

Sustainable / Long-term development focused
– The kind of project that helps people feed themselves is more desirable than one that just gives them food. For projects to be really successful they need to take a long-term view. They should be based on technology and resources that can be supported by the local community. For example a tractor is dependent on a source of fuel, while oxen may be able to be fed and supported without additional help.

– We do not want to limit the group we would support because of arbitrary criteria, ie religion, tribe or area. All people are God’s children.

New Hope Church is partnering with and supporting an African community and its local church in collaboration with World Renew in Malawi.

Where does the money go??
– 65% goes directly to funding the specific projects

Past Projects Supported by Ubuntu
165 families with goats
105 families with pigs
Over 300 families have benefitted from seed loans
400 eco-san latrines have been constructed
Lunches for up to 400 pre-school children
This includes Ecosan latrines, goat and pig programs, seed loans and orphan school lunches.

– 20% of donations go to the general Malawi fund supporting a number of initiatives including:

Women in Development groups throughout central Malawi – these groups focus on food security, health, literacy and developing small businesses

Save the Orphans ministry:
Providing food, education and clothing to orphaned children

Partners Worldwide:
Supporting Small business development and other income generating programs

– 8% of donations go to the CRWRC for General Operating Support.

These funds are put in the general fund, contributing to expenses at the level of CRWRC home office and CRWRC field office

– 7% of donations go to Nkhoma Relief and Development to pay for local support.

These funds go toward personnel expenses, vehicle expenses and supplies needed for trainings

Current and future projects; “No More Hunger” in Kamanzi, Malawi by 2020.

Conservation and irrigation farming – treadle pumps
Improved seed and farming methods
Continued animal husbandry – pigs and chickens
Nursery school lunch program

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