Make It Rain – Launch Video

I’m Caleb Wojcik, the founder of Pocket Changed.

The problem with money is that you’re never taught how to manage it. You’d think someone would have at least taught you the basics in high school or college.

When i graduated college in 2008 I was flat broke. Between student and car loans i was over $28,000 in debt with about $500 in my bank account. I spent the next 3.5 years of my life working a job that didn’t fulfill me just so that I could be debt free, pay for a wedding, and save up to make the leap to be an entrepreneur.

At age 25, I left my cushy corporate job to travel the United States with my wife while working from the road. This never would have been possible if I hadn’t spent the past 3 years learning about personal finance, tracking all my expenses, following a debt repayment plan, and embracing frugality in many areas of my life.

Taking control of your finances can completely change your life and ‘Make It Rain’ will give you the exact steps to follow while also helping people in need.

You see, I had been brainstorming a course on personal finance and then at the World Domination Summit Chris Guillebeau gave out a $100 investment for attendees to make a difference in the world.

And that is why this isn’t just about helping you improve your personal finances, it is also about bringing clean water to villages in Africa. I’m donating 25% of every purchase directly to charity: water to fund sustainable, clean drinking wells.

Make It Rain is for two kinds of people.

Its for someone thats feel completely overwhelmed with money & doesn’t know where to start.

And for someone that is on the right track, but wants to make sure they are maximizing how much they are earning in the present AND saving for the future.

In the course you will find ten weekly lessons, each on a different topic like retirement, frugality, budgeting, net worth, and more.

Every week has ten easy to follow action steps so you don’t have to think about what you should be doing next. These 100 steps are exactly what I wish I had when I graduated college and got my first real job.

Make It Rain will teach you what you need to know, tell you what to do, and show you how to do it.

Because dominating your finances shouldn’t be scary, frustrating, or intimidating. It should just enable to live the life you desire.

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