Mad Rush For Cash

What is money? Why is it the most sought after thing in this world? Why do crimes occur where money is involved? Why money brings fame? All these questions point to one factor money.

Money is a five letter word which people desire the most. In the present world as in the past, men are in a mad rush for cash. Some men even resort to cheating, plundering and exploiting the innocent, that they can lead a happy life. They do not stop to think of their victims. They do not regret their actions either.

What is the meaning of life for such people? They eat, sleep, live life without giving charity to others and pass away like animals. What a waste of God's blessings, because according to Hindu philosophy, the human birth is a great blessing and a rare one too. To waste it would anger God and this could mean de promotion for good.

Man should stop before it is too late and set his priorities right. He should think about his life till the present moment and analyze whether it was of worth to anyone or just a sheer waste. If he thinks it was a waste, he better mend his ways because time never stops or waits.

A moment should not be wasted and every opportunity should be used to serve others. By doing so, man is serving God. He does not hide in a particular mansion called heaven. God resides in the hearts of the pure who minds are free from bad thoughts, lust, anger, ego and other vices. Always drive to clean your mind, run a virus scan, delete bad thoughts, ego, and lust and anger permanently. If the mind is clean and pure, God will come to you and your heart will become heaven. Once this happens people will automatically welcome you and revere you. You will have a special charisma and stand above the others. It is not very difficult to practice, just throw your bad vices down the drain and God will do the rest.

Money is not the end all. It is only a means to achieve the desires that arise in the mind. If the desires are reduced, the mad rush for money will decrease giving man peace of mind and a happy life. Remember however rich you are you can not enjoy it if your life has no meaning in it. So stop to think, save your life, by serving, giving, loving, caring, and mastering your mind.

Source by Deepa Venkitesh

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