Loans For UK Bankrupts – They Are Possible

Life After Bankruptcy

Fortunately, today's bankruptcy rules have been changed, and your bankruptcy (if it's your first time) will only last for one year. After that year you are then a bankrupt and all the financial institutions should consider you the same as any "normal" person. Well that's the way it's supposed to work, but just try and get a personal loan after being bankrupt. Maybe you want a mortgage or re-mortgage after you're discharged. Perhaps you want a loan for a new car to enable you to get to work, but need financial help to do that. That's all fine until you mention, as you are legally obligated to, that you have been bankrupt within the past past and all doors close! They do not just shut they are slammed firmly into your face. So How do you get a mortgage, loan or car finance?

You Need To Get A Credit Rating

The best way to get a loan or mortgage is to improve your credit rating, which is now not only clean, but as good as none persistent. The best way to increase your credit rating? Get credit in your name and ensure you keep up payments, showing that not only are you acceptable to receive credit, but you are also able to pay it back (and the interest that goes with it).

So, after your discharge, you're in a catch 22 situation. You need credit for everyday purchases that everyone else takes for granted (car finance, mortgage, etc) and also to improve your credit rating, but with your low rating you can not get it. I know, I have been there myself.

Frustrating as your situation post bankruptcy may be, there is help if you need it. My site ( links to specialist firms who are willing to provide secured personal loans, car finance or even a mortgage to previously bankrupt people. I do not provide finance myself, but put you into contact with people who do. Having been a bankrupt myself, I know how hard it is to find this information, so I thought that I would produce a website to help others that are in the situation I was in myself. Most of the finance companies will insure that you are at least discharged from your bankruptcy, which is normally after your first year. If you are unsure if you are discharged as a bankrupt, please contact the official receiver who dealt with your case to confirm your situation.

A Personal Note from someone who has been through Bankruptcy!

I wish you the best of luck getting back on your feet, and would like to offer my support during these frustrating times. I hope my site brings you into contact with professional financiers who can help you back onto the road of financial independence. It can seem a bit of an up hill struggle but you can do it. Please take care when taking on finance to ensure that you are in a position to afford the finance packages. Ultimately, many people who have been bankrupt find that they are more careful with their finances as they do not wish to go through it again. Fortunately, there are loan and finance providers who are aware of this. !! Remember !! There is a financial life after bankruptcy! Even after being bankrupt you can have finance and loans. I have a quick guide on how to repair your credit rating after bancruptcy. Be sure to have a quick read through as it details who to use loans to get back to where you once where and little cost to yourself! The guide can be found at


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