Livetronica @ the Pink Garter

This is my opening livetronica set for Dan Deacon on Oct 12th, 2013, at the Pink Garter Theater in Jackson, Wyoming. I’m playing everything live. No computer, no CDs, no vinyl. Just two drum machines, two synthesizers, three Kaoss Pads and a microphone. First two songs I cover Daft Punk – Da Funk and LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It.
Earjuice Records:

Camera: David Cleeland and Wade Dunstan
Post: Houston Guy
Software: PFtrack, Blender, Nuke, Final Cut Pro

Little Johnny by Houston Guy
Little Johnny went up to heaven to see what he could see.
He pulled out an American flag and claimed all of heaven for Democracy.
All of the angels of heaven were angry. All of the angels of heaven were afraid.
What little Johnny and his flag were up to, they just couldn’t say.

But then the monopolies came, I mean the oligopolies came,
I mean all of Democracy came.
It came all over the angels faces like a massive tornado orgy in the sky.
Butt fucking double penetrating corporate scams, lies.
The angels now all faces property taxes. They were all taking loans by the masses.
They had to pay their permits or they weren’t allowed to fly.
They were all sitting at home becoming fat asses, but didn’t know why.

An angel walked 500 hundred miles once to pay his flying permit.
Stopped into a diner to find a drink to sip on for a bit.
But the restaurant does not serve water if it comes straight from the tap.
They only sell it by the bottle, $5.99 and then plus tax.
“Pardon my fucking french you fuck,” the angel said,
“Does it look like I have a buck? I just came to fill my goddamn cup!”
The two angels glared at first in anger and then bewilderment.
How did they ever end up this way?
Was it because of themselves or their Government?

The next day at 3PM, on channels one through sixteen,
Little Johnny appeared on each and every single television screen.
“Hello Angels!” he said, “Today I’m taking all of your wings,
for not paying me the tax that I wrote in last spring.”
How could a living creature be so lifeless, be so cold?
Because it was Lucifer himself, Little Johnny was just a show.
“You FOOLS!” the Devil grinned, “You didn’t sell me your souls.
But I’m keeping them until you pay all the debts that you owe.”

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