Little Cub – Too Much Love

‘Too Much Love’ speaks to the “hollow generation”; the generation of twenty-somethings who are too old to be teenagers but not ready to be adults, the first generation to have worse prospects than their parents, underpaid with student loans gaining interest in a faraway bank while they struggle to pay the london rent that is half their pay-check, the generation addicted to social media, using filters to make their life look better than it is, constantly comparing and despairing, measuring their worth in selfies and likes, the casual drinkers who think drinking cheap newsagent prosecco makes it somehow better, the generation looking for any party, anywhere, and who will do it again tomorrow because there is nothing else to look forward to.

A modern day morality tale about a day in the life of a young woman. Except, there is no moral really. The decisions, good or bad, all live in the grey area where perhaps most of us reside. Like a Groundhog Day where no lessons are learnt and nothing really changes.

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