Learn How to Develop your Social Media Strategy in 10 Steps

Taking the time to discover how your customers would like you to engage on social media is no longer an option. You now need to develop a social media strategy that will generate meaningful and real returns for your business. In this webinar warren will take you through The 10 steps in developing a strategic social media are:

1. Align with the business
2. Discover opportunities
3. Define goals
4. Identify KPIs
5. Assign values to KPIs
6. Decide on channels
7. Determine tactics
8. Select analytics
9. Roll out strategy
10. Measure and refine

Start by listening
Many companies view social media as “build it and they will come”. They create channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and start broadcasting their message, expecting a mass of new fans and interaction. It doesn’t happen!

Participation on social media first requires you to do research, observe and listen. Conversations are already taking place about your products, brand, competitors etc. Using a combination of both social and traditional tools, discover, listen, learn, and engage directly with customers. Allow this intelligence and insight to dictate your engagement strategies.

About Warren Knight; Entrepreneur and Business Growth Consultant

I’ve been involved in the creative industry for 22 years and for the last seven years I’ve specialised as a “Business Growth” coach in helping small businesses sell more products and services, through the convergence of Social Media, Digital Marketing and eCommerce.

Winning various industry awards and co-founding two IT companies since 2010. The first being an eCommerce platform, getting £150,000 Seed Investment via “SEIS”, valuing the business at £1M in less than two years. The second with a “Start Up Loan”, we’ve built an online learning platform, teaching people how to setup and use Social Networks for their business.

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