Lead Capture Pages – Why They Are a Never Ending River of Cash

What is a lead capture page? The simplest definition would be, an area on a website that invites a visitor to input their information such as a name, email and phone number. For the best results, the visitor is enticed to enter their information by offering some sort of reward for doing so. Examples would be an e-mail newsletter, free video, e-book or anything that is of interest to the visitor that has a high perceived value. The actual enticing offer does not have to cost the website owner anything. It must, however, provide value to the site visitor.

I will use a hair salon website for example. The salon owner might want to offer a short video or free report on how to make your hair look good between visits to the salon. It has a high value to the site visitor as they value good looking hair, hence why they are on the site. However, a video or e-book could cost the site owner almost nothing but the time to share their expertise in writing the details out or recording a video. The site visitor now has this perceived highly valuable information and now the site owner has the contact information of a highly quality prospect. Lead capture forms should be on every page of your website.

One of the most important factors, if not the most important, is that a lead capture page is the entry gate to leveraging the internet. Capturing a prospect’s information and connecting it to an email auto responder allows you to speak to a virtually unlimited amount of people at once. The limit is how many prospects have entered their information into your lead capture page. When you want to say to your leads “hey guys I have something to say, some unique information, or something you may want to purchase”, it can go out to everyone on your list instantly. You can speak to the masses with the same effort it took to speak to one person. One email, one training, one recorded call can now go to hundreds, thousands or more with one push of a button. This is leverage. You cannot talk to 1000 people in a day over the phone but you could through an email or an email that directs people to a video or audio you recorded for them. Behold the power of a lead capture page.

To learn how to master lead capture pages, read below and click on the link for more information.

Source by WaLynda Thompson

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