Last Longer and Get a Bigger Penis at the Same Time – Knock 2 Birds With 1 Stone!

Guys, there should be no question that the 2 things weighing on every guys mind is how to get a bigger penis and how to last longer in bed. The ironic thing is, is that you can actually be tackling both of these issues by following one plan. It may be hard to believe at first but with some effort, knowledge and application, you can achieve both of these at the same time.

Here's how to do this:

To last longer and get a larger penis at the same time you're going to need to perform some physical penis exercises. If this is new to you it may sound strange but exercises are one of the only proven ways to achieve true male enhancement. Do not get me wrong, it's not done overnight but simple steps and daily action can get you your desired results in a reliably short period time.

Here's the exercises:

1. The first one is called Jelq. What you're going to do is lubricate your member and run a firm gripped hand around your penis from the base to end. What you're doing here is expanding the blood tissues that encompass your penis. Make sure you perform this on only a semi-erect penis. Also, make sure you warm up your penis with warm water or warm wash cloth or towel.

2. Next exercise are stretches. Stretch out your penis by grasping near the head and stretching out in different directions in holding it. You want to start with stretches where you are holding for about 30 seconds to start until you get used to doing this. You can stretch it right, left, up word and outward. Make sure you halt the process if you feel any pain or discomfort.

3. This is the one that helps you learn how to last longer. It's called PC flexes. Your PC muscle controls the contracts when you ejaculate, therefore if you learn how to control this PC muscle you can control when you climax, after some time. You can do a sample PC flex next time you go to the bathroom by stopping your urination flow midstream. You have just used your PC muscle. Now throughout the day, flex this muscle as many times as you can until you get tired. Also try flexing and holding. Over time, you should be able to control yourself during intercourse by flexing this muscle whenever you feel close to climax.

You can start out with these basic exercises that will get results then move up to more advanced exercises that will help you achieve your true goals to get a larger penis and last longer . If you are new to this, it is recommended that you follow a specific plan or regimen in order to get maximum results and avoid injuries …

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