Klinq Venues

Welcome to Klinq, the beverage network

We believe that we can change the status quo for the Food and Beverage Industry. We do this by creating a new way to drink and be social. Introducing the Klinq App System.

We are dedicated to being the first Beverage Network that not only connects online activity but produces real, off-line results for venues around the world.

We have incorporated and continue to grow the network to include multiple venues and events throughout the world; all of which are accessible through our Klinq map. We have also been able to integrate social features, a klinq camera, commenting and the ability to send Klinq credits to friends and family.

Now you can easily send your friends a klinq credit to redeem at their venue of choice at their leisure.

Our goal is to connect EVERY beverage consumer with EVERY venue. Whether you drink beer, wine, coffee, spirits, tea, soda or water. We connect you to the Klinq network of reputable locations and managers. This will help to truly enhance the beverage experience for the customers and the business. Our users are rewarded by getting their first drink for 99¢ and our managers get to connect with you and begin know you on a personal level. A win-win for all.

Become a Klinqster. Download the Free App to get started.

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