Just Cash Flow PLC Fortune Hunter TV Part 02

Fortune Hunter TV
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09 October 2015 Part Two

John talks about having people who work with you that have special skills. As a business owner you cannot have all the knowledge and skills, but if you have a team of people to grow your business, who also have the same passion and thought process, these people can help you develop your business. They don’t have to be full time or paid lots of money.

They then talk about all the different types of finance such as invoice discounting, business loans,

John then explains as a retails business starting out or growing you can get a merchant card cash advance. Property owning, secured lending on a bridge or remortgage. Always talk to you bank first as a tier one lender. Invoice discounting – selective or whole ledger invoicing. Once your business is established and generating income and profits then peer to peer lenders are an option.

John then goes on to discuss other options such as equity – Angel Investors. He explains that people should always look at what is their end game when they look for funding.
Peer to peer is a loan – debt opposed to crowd funding which is selling quite which is great for younger companies that don’t have equity.

Watch @justcashflowuk & @Lyndonx talk numbers in the new episode of #FortuneHunterTV

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