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Empower has helped thousands of families get to where they want to be faster. Making life just that little bit easier with interest free loans for necessities such as a reliable care, essential appliances, dental work and further education. Whatever your needs, your application will be treated with understanding and total confidentiality.

We offer a range of interest free loans to the members of the Victorian Jewish community. Our aim is to enable people of all ages to realise their own economic wellbeing and to feel in control of their finances.

Empower loans are a flexible way to invest in your own future by providing a financial kickstart when you need it most.

Options to Empower your life.

Loan Types:

Small Business Loan: Up to $25,000
Home Purchase Loan: Up to $25,000
Debt Consolidation Loan: Up to $25,000
Home Renovation Loan: Up to $15,000
Vocational Training Loan: Up to $10,000
Car Loan: Up to $10,000
Healthcare Loan: Up to $10,000
Jewish Identity Loan (Special Event): Up to $10,000
Jewish Identity Loan (Travel): Up to $10,000
Religious Items-Preparing for ‘Chagim & Shabbat’: Up to $3,000
Household Items Loan: Up to $3,000

Empower will:

Sensitively process your loan application
Responsibly act to secure communal funds
Require evidence of capacity and intent to repay your loan
Establish an agreed loan repayment schedule and negotiate adjustments should your circumstances change

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